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About Jonathan How aka Made by Ten

Jonathan How photographer



Hi, my name is Jonathan. If you’re reading this then you’re probably curious about who I am or why I created Made by Ten. At the end of the day what you really want to know is if I’m the right person for you to trust with your time, money, energy, and most importantly, your feelings and trust.



If you’re like me you dislike wasting your energy on people that don’t matter. I guess that’s one of the reasons why introverts are misunderstood.

When I started Made by Ten I had never photographed a person professionally or with the intention of creating a portrait of them. Although I was shy around strangers I forced myself to meet them, get to know them, and then take an authentic photograph of them. The first few times were difficult. I was still learning how to find the right angles, talk them through posing and emoting, and filling in the silence between shots. Through those experiences I found even more of that “quiet confidence” that my wife says I have.

Eventually I found that getting to know the person in front of my camera and bringing out their personality was the best way of getting a genuine, natural portrait. This also allowed me to focus on getting creative and I was finally able to create more artistic work than ever before.

Suffice it to say that I’m still an introvert; I am still empathetic, don’t like being the centre of attention, and love to just be immersed in thought. That said, I have been changed by my experiences – having gotten to know and photograph so many women – all with their unique stories and personalities.



I discovered my ability to change lives by bringing women’s natural confidence out and it’s something I can’t give up now. I do this not only because it benefits women who deserve to feel confident about themselves, but because it benefits me. I get to make meaningful connections, be creative, develop and experiment with my ideas, create artwork, and change women’s lives.



So that’s a little about me and why Made by Ten exists. It’s always been hard for me to be concise; I’m usually all over the place. Made by Ten means so much to me and what it does for others. If you’d like to learn more about me or my purpose the best way is for us to have a chat. Fair warning…I can talk a lot when it comes to things I am passionate about. :)

I wrote a bit more about myself in this blog post if you’re curious: Profile of a GTA Portrait Photographer