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Why You Shouldn’t Surprise Her with a Boudoir Session

I’ll be the first to say that photo sessions are unique, meaningful gifts which are great for that special lady in your life. However, in conversation I’ve heard about a husband giving his wife a boudoir session as a gift. The moment I heard about it so many red flags went off in my mind. Whether you’re a husband, wife, partner, boyfriend, or girlfriend let me give you some things to consider before you gift a boudoir session to your significant other.

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What is Modern Portrait, Glamour, and Boudoir Photography

Here at Made by Ten we like to do a little bit of everything. It keeps us on our heels and although we have a distinct style, we aren’t afraid to veer from it to make great images. If you take a look at our inspiration examples in “Women in Art” dropdown you’ll see we have “Modern Portrait”, “Modern Glamour”, and “Modern Boudoir”. While we consider all of our work “modern”, these stand out the most as a departure from “traditional” or what we like to call…”old”. Are these “modern” versions right for you? P.S. It makes a special Valentine’s Day gift!


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