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Women’s Life and Self-esteem Coach in Milton, Ontario

Based in Milton, Ontario and serving the Greater Toronto Area (physically) and the world (digitally), a part of my work is women’s life and self-esteem coaching. This is an integral part of the portrait photoshoot session and is something not a lot of women get from other photographers. Talking to women about their lives and helping them organize their thoughts and feelings has always been an important aspect of every engagement; providing women with both an empathetic ear to listen with and a voice that will tell you the truth.

Women's Life and Self-esteem Coach GTA Toronto Milton

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Why People (like You) Are Mean

We easily dismiss the things we don’t understand. That’s one of the reasons why I think people are mean. Just think about a time you weren’t able to grasp something. You may have even made the effort to understand it, but you ended up disliking it from the onset. If we just see the world with empathetic eyes we can help avoid being mean.

Mean People Peace Tower Ottawa

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We’re Making Portrait Photography Exciting Again for Women

“I’m so excited!” That’s what our portrait photography gets out of women who aren’t even comfortable in front of a camera. It’s a great feeling to bring so much excitement to a photoshoot even before it’s even begun. It doesn’t end there either; after the session our clients can’t wait to see the final results. Portrait photography is back and more exciting than ever and women can see it!

Exciting Portrait Photography Women GTA Toronto

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Why No One Will Ever Understand Your Pain and Struggle the Way You Do

When someone tells you they understand your pain or struggle they may mean it, but they never actually will. The reason is that you are unique and how a particular situation affects you will be different from the way it affects someone else. Although their intentions may be good, what you need to understand is that they’ll never be able to feel exactly how you do.

No One Will Ever Understand Your Pain

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How to Find Each Other Again

Does your busy lifestyle leave you feeling like you and your significant other need to figure out how to find each other again? I find this to be especially true when you’ve been together for a long while. There’s one particular way I find I can reconnect with my wife. If you feel like you can no longer see your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend then this is for you!

Find Each Other Toronto Women

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