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Tag: Nature

Photoshoot Inspiration: The Pull

The Pull is for anyone looking for some eerie, creative fantasy photoshoot inspiration. I wanted to create a storytelling experience with Lauren that was deep and a little dark. Alright…so maybe it turned out a little darker than I first planned…especially the ending lines. Warning: the images are in a particular order so make sure you click the first of every “page” and then cycle through.

Creative Fantasy Photoshoot Story The Pull GTA Toronto Milton

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Take a Hike! Get Creative, Relieve Stress, and Get Back to Nature

If anyone has ever told you to “take a hike” they probably didn’t mean it in the way I do. Walking in nature is one of the main ways that I rejuvenate my creativity and help relieve stress. You don’t have to hike up a mountain to feel the effects and you don’t even have to wander into a forest to get back to nature! Here’s how you can do it too:

Creative Hike Stress Relief Toronto

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Combining My Love of Landscape and Women’s Portrait Photography

Bringing nature landscapes into portrait photography of women is something I think I do best of all. While many photographers love the look of a blurry background that puts all the focus on the woman, I like to have a balanced mix between her soul and the soul of her surroundings. What do you like? You be the judge!

Nature Portrait Photography GTA Toronto

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