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The Best High-End Wedding Registries and Unique Alternatives in Toronto for 2017

Wedding registries are a typical feature of western weddings and it isn’t too late for 2017 in Toronto. We’ve compiled a list of the best high-end wedding registries and a few unique alternatives for this coming year. They definitely apply to Toronto and (likely) to all of Canada as well.

Wedding Registry Alternatives

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Wedding Choices: The Value of Digital and Prints

Like many wedding couples your search has probably led you to the decision (read: dilemma) of choosing between digital files and prints of your wedding day. If you feel like you just need digital files and it seems like photographers I trying to get you to order prints, you aren’t alone. We’ve made a quick comparison between digital and print and you can decide on their value yourself.

Wedding Collage GTA Toronto

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Fantastic Wedding Photographers and Where to Find Them: The Greater Toronto Area Edition

Harry Potter/J.K. Rowling jokes aside, finding¬†the best wedding photographer in the Greater Toronto Area is a trying task. Maybe you think it’ll be a short stop; well Newt Scamander also thought his trip to New York (yes, I did it again), would be a quick one and look where that escalated. In all seriousness, just follow these steps to make the whole search process much easier!

Best Greater Toronto Area Wedding Photography


Finding the Best Wedding Photographer in the Greater Toronto Area is Much Harder Than You Think

Finding the best photographer in the Greater Toronto Area for you will likely be as hard as finding the person you’re soon to be married to. When it comes down to it there is one factor that is so very important, but can be quite hard to pinpoint. It isn’t their style, price, or packages. So what exactly should you be so concerned about you ask?

Best Wedding Photographer GTA Toronto

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