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How to Get Your Life Back with Three Simple Steps

If you feel like you’re not going in the direction you want and you’d like to get your life back then I’d like to introduce you to a book that helped me: Three Simple Steps by Trevor Blake. This book has given me a new take on life and is one of the reasons I’m creating beautiful artwork for regular, real women. I’ll outline the three steps (you can read them in more detail once you have the book) and tell you how they’ve positively impacted my life.

Three Simple Steps Fine Wall Art Decor


There is Beauty in Imperfection

Much of this world is about striving for perfection, but there is beauty in imperfection and it’s something we should all recognize. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be better or making things better; that drive takes us to the future of technology, fashion, and even standard of living. However, there is a point when this drive can turn against us and enthusiasm transforms into obsession. If you always wanted to be or look perfect…we can help you rethink that…

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How to Give a Beautiful Compliment

There’s a wonderful video I found on YouTube by photographer, Gina Held, and it shows what a simple (beautiful) compliment can do. We all know the immense impact words can have on us. We learn to communicate through speech before we ever get to writing or even gestures and it’s an incredibly powerful tool. But with any tool, it can be used the right and wrong way. So watch the video and continue on to find out the right way to give a beautiful compliment!


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The Lessons My Sister Taught Me: Why Every Boy Needs a Little Sister

Unless you read the about page, you won’t know that I have a little sister who you can find on Instagram if you’re curious. Having a little sister was one of the greatest blessings in my life and I’m grateful to my parents for listening to me when I said I wanted a sister or brother. At 5 years apart, you might think that we would be too different to get along, and you’d be right…but you’d also be so very wrong. Having a little sister taught me so much and here’s why I think every boy needs a little sister…

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Beyond Sight and Sound: Getting Over Yourself

If you’re like most people, you’ve contemplated how you’re looked at. This thought quickly snowballs into thinking about your imperfections; all of the negative thoughts that would go through their mind. You probably don’t think of the negative things. I’d like to share why you shouldn’t worry about what people think because the ones that matter in your life aren’t seeing what you see (or think you see).

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