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Category: Portrait Photography Tips

The Rise of Magazine Quality Portrait Photography with the Help of Body Positive Movements

Women have become inspired through online content and confident-boosting groups and they’re ready to get their magazine quality portraits taken! With body-positive groups growing in popularity and the seemingly limitless photographic talent portrayed on our ever-growing screens, it’s only logical that there’s an appeal to be captured as our most amazing selves! No longer are we limited to thinking we have to take boring “graduation” looking photos. No! We can have photos that look like they belong in a magazine; something we can be proud to display and share!

Woman Shipping Crate Fashion Editorial - GTA Women Lifestyle Photography

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What is Timeless Art Portrait Photography and How do You Create it?

What makes some portrait photography so timeless? Why can you look at a photo that was taken years, or even decades ago and not be able to pinpoint when it was taken. Sure, there could be some photographic styles that give it away, but there are ways of ensuring art portraits remain beautiful and timeless. So what are the things that age a photo and how are they avoided so that generations can look at a photo and appreciate it without chiding it for it’s “oldness”.


Woman Lying Down Stone Portrait - GTA Women Lifestyle Photography

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Diversity Out of Simplicity: One Dress of Many Frames

Some of the women I meet wonder just what it’s like to be in front of the camera. They ask how artistic we could possibly get and how many different looks might we be able to capture? Lauren (the beautiful lady in all the photos) showed me a exquisite gold and green dress that she owned. I thought it was breathtaking the moment I saw it and with that we spent an afternoon capturing her in as many ways possible. If you want to see all the looks you can pull off with just one dress then get ready to be inspired. I’ve named this series One Dress of Many Frames.


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The Benefits of Beautiful Portrait Photography

Portrait photography isn’t something women are typically looking for. On the other hand, there are always lots of occasions where women will search for great engagement, wedding, newborn, and family photographers (usually in that order). Some women know that they want to celebrate themselves and a special occasion for a session is never necessary. Want to know the benefits these women see in having their photo taken by a professional photographer? You’ll be able to decide whether artistic portrait photography is something you may have been missing out on! You may even surprise yourself!

Woman Rock Pond - GTA Women Fantasy Photography

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How Any Woman Can Look Good in Front of a Camera…Yes, Even You

It’s understandable that the average woman would think she was incapable of pulling off beautiful, sexy, sensual, elegant, or model-like looks (let alone in front of a camera). You see those beautiful models and celebrities on TV and in magazines and think you could never look good in front of a camera. You may not have been born with the same symmetry or physical features, but I would humbly have to disagree. I believe anyone can look gorgeous. Sometimes you just need someone else’s eyes (and camera) to help show you.

Can you guess which of these photos is of a new model, experienced model, or non-model (client)? I bet you won’t get it! [Read on to check if you were right.]


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