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Morning Routine Idea: Quiet Breakfast Meditation

Meditation isn’t for everyone, but quiet breakfast meditation might be just the idea to change up your morning routine. It won’t require you to close your eyes or breathe deeply. Instead, you’ll become more mindful and present; something we all could use a little more of.

Quiet Breakfast Meditation Morning Routing Idea



Usually you just put the food in your mouth and chew. Once it’s at an acceptably consistency you then swallow it. Liquids are simply poured into your mouth.

…Oh, that’s not what you were asking about?

It doesn’t matter if you do it for an hour, half an hour, or as long as it takes to eat your breakfast, just try it out and see what works for you.

Disconnect from the world by leaving your phone somewhere else. Don’t turn on your laptop, computer, stereo/radio, or your television. We need peace and quiet!



Don’t try to dispel all the thoughts that cone into your mind or try to breathe in special way. You’re eating breakfast after all!

Just let whatever comes to your mind pass through. If you want to ponder then that’s fine too. Just relax and let any thoughts flow through your mind.



The best time to do it is when it’s quiet and tranquil. In other words: before anyone else is awake.

That doesn’t mean you have to wake up before the cock crows, it just means earlier than anyone else in your house (if you live with someone) or before you can hear the commotion of your neighbours.

It’s all relative so just find a time that gives you enough space to make breakfast, sit down, and take in some peace and quiet before the day starts for everyone else.



I recommend finding a comfortable single-person seat. You can sit with your back straight or with your legs curled underneath you.

However, avoid the couch, the bed, and even the dining table or breakfast bar. Find a place for just one person.

I use a moon chair in my office.

If you can go outdoors (like a patio) then that’s even better. Even if it has multiple spots I don’t mind. At least you’ll be able to hear the rustling of trees and feel the sun on your skin.



This morning routine will give you the chance to take time for yourself.

You’ll also appreciate your food a little more because you won’t be distracted. I know you’ll be excited with how much better everything tastes and smells!

Eventually you’ll become better at thinking more clearly. In fact, you’ll be pretty sad on the days you accidentally sleep in and miss this part of your day.


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