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Why Photography Education and Years of Experience Mean Nothing

There’s a reason why photographers might tout the “years of experience” and education they have. To bad it means absolutely nothing and this applies to almost every professional you’ll ever have to hire. Here’s why…

Photography education years of experience GTA Toronto


I only need one paragraph to explain this. For most of you, this is a non-issue, but I’m sure there are some people out there that ohh and ahh over a professional, such as a photographer, telling you how many years they’ve been doing it and what diplomas or degrees they have to their name.



I’m not saying those things aren’t important, but they should support the results – not be used as a crutch. One of the quickest proofs is to head over to kijiji and search for a photographer. You see countless really cheap “professionals” in there. They might also tell you how long they’ve been in business directly in their ad or you can find it on their website. But when you look at some of their photos you’ll quickly understand what I’m getting at. Some of their images are just lackluster.

At the end of the day, if you are a potential photography client (or any other professional service), you need to look at the results.

Results are everything!

Just because someone has spent a lot of years of experience in a field doesn’t make them a particularly good expert. We all start somewhere and then we grow, even if it’s at a slow pace. However, the point is that we need to get better.

I just don’t want anyone to be fooled by someone touting their years of experience and education as if it should be your number one concern. Their photography should wow you and speak to you. Those other things should just help support your decision and guide your trust.


If you’re having trouble finding the right photographer let us know. We’re always happy to help!



Made by Ten Jonathan How GTA PhotographerJonathan How is the photographer behind Made by Ten and calls Milton his home. He specializes in creating beautiful, creative portraits of real women. He uses photography (and this blog) to help them build confidence and love for themselves and creates artistic images for their homes and offices. You can see him driving around the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) in Ontario, Canada from portrait to fashion shoot and back again.

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