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Photoshoot Inspiration: The Pull

The Pull is for anyone looking for some eerie, creative fantasy photoshoot inspiration. I wanted to create a storytelling experience with Lauren that was deep and a little dark. Alright…so maybe it turned out a little darker than I first planned…especially the ending lines. Warning: the images are in a particular order so make sure you click the first of every “page” and then cycle through.

Creative Fantasy Photoshoot Story The Pull GTA Toronto Milton




There she was by the stream lounging peacefully on a bed of yellow grass.



The air was warm and the wind blew softly carrying the coolness off of the water.



The sun beamed down on her in praise.



Then she felt it. It wasn’t a sight or sound, but a feeling that something had just changed.



She listened and looked to see what could have set off this feeling. It was so empty.



Without warning she slowly felt her hand raise off that same yellow grass.



She could not see it, but she could now feel it.



It pulled hard as if she was being beckoned.



Confused, she grasped the ground, but it was of no use.



She struggled to her feet and pulled back with all her strength.



It pulled her closer to the dark forest as the sun retreated in horror.



She had used up all her energy fighting it off. It was over. It had her.



And with that the world ceased to remember her. The stream, the grass, the trees, and even the sun. She was forgotten.


The End

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