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Stiff and Posed: How to Look Natural in Your Photos

One of the biggest issues women have in photos is that they find they look too stiff and posed. The best way to look natural in your photos is to be free and relax! Easier said than done right? Here’s the secret!

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No one wants to look like a mannequin in their photographs! Not usually anyway…

We all want to look natural. What exactly does that mean and how can you achieve that look?

We all look natural until we raise our guards because we know someone is watching us. You can feel the thoughts racing through someone’s mind when they look at you. Cameras will make the feeling a lot worse.



Be yourself and be free to let loose!

The easiest way to look natural is to do these things. However, when a photographer sits you down and makes you sit still, how are you expected to look natural?

One of the ways I achieve natural looking shots is to just let her be herself. If she likes to dance then I’ll let her jump; if she likes to knit then I’ll let her create; and if she likes to race I let her drive.

When you’re in your element you will look as natural as you possibly can. More importantly, you’ll have fun being in photos!

One of the things I always ask my clients when I show them the images is if they see themselves in them. There is no right or wrong answer. I just find it intriguing. Some will say it looks like a better version of themselves, some will say not at all, and others will say it’s exactly how they picture themselves. Either way, I always capture them beautifully and like to point out that that’s how I (and other people) see them too.

Because you are naturally beautiful!


If you need more help figuring out how to look natural, if you’ve had horrible photos taken of you where you look more like a scarecrow than a human, or if you just want to have a chat about how the women in our galleries look so beautiful then leave a comment below! I look forward to helping you as best I can. :)



Made by Ten Jonathan How GTA PhotographerJonathan How is the photographer behind Made by Ten and calls Milton his home. He specializes in creating beautiful, creative portraits of real women. He uses photography (and this blog) to help them build confidence and love for themselves and creates artistic images for their homes and offices. You can see him driving around the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) in Ontario, Canada from portrait to fashion shoot and back again.

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