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MADE BY TEN Portrait Photography



We believe every woman is naturally beautiful and we create custom portrait photoshoot experiences that help women build confidence. Whether you feel your best in a beautiful dress, over-sized sweater, or yoga wear, the key to loving who you are is to see that your differences are what make you amazing.





If you have ever struggled with self-confidence or questioned how you feel about yourself then you need a portrait photographer who will not only show you how naturally beautiful you are, but make you feel it too!


Are you ready to make a powerful change and take control of your life?
Even the smallest photoshoot can make the biggest difference.





Themed Photoshoot Photographer GTA Toronto




We understand how hard it is for you to believe that a portrait photographer could ever instill confidence in you, especially in front of a camera. The truth is that there is no other way of fully proving it to you without experiencing it first hand, but going through these pages will certainly help:



Take a look at our portrait photography work and you’ll see why we’re different from everyone else. We create custom themed photoshoots based on the personalities, life experiences, and fantasies of women just like you. We don’t take the cookie-cutter approach to portraits that make everyone look the same.

All women are different and deserve to see how beautiful and confident they are in their own way.






Our value is in more than just the artwork we create or the professional, yet down-to-earth atmosphere of our photoshoots. It’s in our ability to bring out your confidence and make you feel it. Your portraits are just a visual reminder of the confidence that’s always inside you.

See how our clients think we’re worth so much more!





It’s easy to look at photographs of confident women and hear how much they loved their experience. The hard part is facing your fears and starting a conversation about your own photoshoot. Luckily we have the passion and experience to help you see how naturally beautiful you are no matter what.

Please don’t spend another day without all the confidence you have hidden away inside of you!




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