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Toronto’s #1 Women’s Lifestyle Portrait Photography


“The key to feeling good is to decide to stop feeling bad. It’s as simple and profound as that.”

– Gabby Bernstein

Empowering Women Portrait Photography
Some women want 1000 photos of themselves to feel good.
What you really need is 1 portrait that transforms the way you feel about yourself forever!


What makes a Made by Ten life portrait different?

Some women just want pretty pictures of themselves, but there are a few that want more than the superficial.

Made by Ten portraits are for women who are strong, independent, and sometimes even polarizing. These women want an unique experience that will tell their story in a meaningful way.

Made by Ten portraits are special portraits, for special women.

They want an experience that will empower them to become their best selves by guiding them through their journey of self-discovery and self-expression.

Whether you are a new graduate moving into womanhood; looking for your first job or new job; getting back into dating; starting your own business; newly engaged; planning a wedding; waiting excitedly for the birth of your baby; or even gong through a hurtful separation, these are the milestones in your life that need to be told.

Don’t let the moments slip away because before you know it they’ll all be gone and you’ll miss your chance.

When others see you they see an ordinary girl.
But we know the truth.
You have an identity as unique as your fingerprint… and no one can see that either.
We have the ability to bring it out and we want to show the world who you truly are!
Greater Toronto Area Empowering Portrait Photography Women


Who are these portraits for?

Our clients are all remarkable in their own way. Learn a bit about who they are and how they were empowered from their experience. You may have a similar story or, more likely, you have a unique one that we can help with too!


Randi wanted the power to…

Create artistic portraits that expressed a sensual side of herself without it being a typical boudoir photoshoot.


Jordan wanted the power to…

Look amazing in portraits that she could give her boyfriend as a way of showing how much she loved him and to make him feel like the luckiest man in the world.


Susan wanted the power to…

Look deeper into herself and piece together her identity as she moved into a new and exciting part of her life – opening her own clothing storefront.


Rishma wanted the power to…

Create images that would connect with her business audience who struggled with infertility.


Richie wanted the power to…

Represent different parts of herself (her nationality, profession, and family values) with incredibly impactful portraits that would tell those stories.


Tarita wanted the power to…

See herself positively and finally believe in the supportive words her husband would say to her. She wanted to see herself as beautiful and proven wrong about the typical way she saw herself.


Ms. K wanted the power to…

Inspire both herself and her children with portraits that creatively represented her self-view as a woman with many facets to her personality.


Danielle wanted the power to…

See her beauty again after coming out of a tumultuous marriage. Divorce meant she could finally put herself first and this is how she would celebrate it.


Britt wanted the power to…

Create fantastical portraits that incorporated her love of nature, magic, and fairies. She wanted a way of expressing her imagination through art.


What’s your name? What’s your story? We’d love to add you to the list!

Beach Portrait


Every woman deserves the best for herself and the opportunity to be empowered and transformed.
There is a unique portrait experience for you no matter what milestone of your life you’re celebrating!



We understand how difficult it is to find the right people in this world. Ones you can trust to understand you and always have your best interest at heart. That’s why we take our clients’ trust in us seriously; with the utmost appreciation and care.

More Stories and Testimonials


“Women like us do things like this!”

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“Wow…nothing could have prepared me for the moment I saw my photos turned into artwork!”

– Emma


Artwork materializes your unique and diverse identity; turning it into a tangible, singular source of empowerment.


You are a work of art and you deserve to see it!


How does a Made by Ten portrait experience work?


Life is already complicated enough. That’s why we made our experience just 3 simple steps. Now you can easily and quickly become your best self.


Whether it’s going to be a simple or complex photoshoot, we work together to identify the purpose behind it.

Once we’ve set our goals we plan your dream photoshoot – theme, location, wardrobe, props, etc. that are required and we set a date and time to do it.


Our photoshoots almost always include a lot of laughter and fun (no matter how serious the occasion).

We guide you through posing that will feel effortlessly easy and natural.

Your portrait session will be an amazing experience that you won’t want to end!


Welcome to the viewing party!

We present you with your portraits and help you select the ones that take your breath away so you can keep those memories forever like chapters in a book.

We want you to have this experience so badly that we created a this promise just for you…



If you aren’t 100% in love with your portraits during the Reveal & Ordering session then you don’t have to purchase anything! There is no obligation and therefore no risk. We’re just here to help you create artwork that you are proud of!



We know it’s hard to get to know us through our website alone so let’s talk! We can’t wait to get to hear from you!



Are these excuses holding you back from your dream photoshoot?

There are always thousands of reasons holding us back from the best things in life and they’re usually based on illegitimate fears.

We know that at some point in their lives all women and girls have thought about having their photo taken. Unfortunately, 99% of them don’t follow through because they get scared, don’t know who they should go to, and then eventually just give up and forget about it.

We believe every woman and girl deserves to have the most beautiful portrait taken of them and that’s why we’re here to help!

Here are the top 5 excuses and how to overcome them so you can be the 1% that follows through with their dream:


Excuse 1: Portraits are narcissistic!
Truth: Not at all!

Portraits are only as vain as you are. So if you’re humble then your portraits will be too. Portraits are the most powerful way of seeing yourself from an entirely different viewpoint.

It isn’t wrong for you to want to feel special, understood, and cared for.


Excuse 2: I am not photogenic…and maybe just a little awkward!
Truth: Not many people are, but take a look at our portraits and you won’t believe it!

Sure, the celebrities and models gracing the cover of glossy magazines like Vogue and Vanity Fair have it easier, but they are just as skeptical about their looks and even as awkward as you are most of the time (trust us).

We are all uniquely beautiful and that’s what we stand for. Our portraits bring out the best in everyone!

Take a look at any of the women we’ve photographed and you’ll see that their beauty isn’t because of symmetry or size, but because of the pride and confidence they have in discovering who they are. They are fierce…in a zen-like way.


Excuse 3: I don’t have time!
Truth: We waste so much time on things that don’t matter when we should be spending it on the things we do! 

All our lives are busy and it’s definitely hard to fit things into our schedules. We get it!

But the funny thing is we can always make time for the things that really matter.

Want to know what’s even funnier? We make even more time for things that relieve pain.

Do you fear never getting the chance to see who you truly are – the best version of your self?

Do you ever fear not living your life to the fullest?

Those pains will keep you up at night with a wet pillowcase!


Excuse 4: This will be really hard!
Truth: We make it easy!

This one is simple to snub out. We make it easy. Don’t worry. We got you! 


Excuse 5: I’m not worth it.
Truth: Oh girl…you are!

Well…that’s a somber one. We get it though.

As amazing and strong as you are there are still lots of things you don’t think you deserve.

But we’re here to tell you you’re worth it. Not only are we your biggest cheerleader; we’re also your biggest guide and here to keep you safe.

Taking the leap can be hard, but we believe in you. In this very moment you are enough. We know so whole-heartedly that this will be the most amazing experience of your life – that it will change the very way you perceive yourself – that we’re willing to let you go at any point during the whole process.

Either way…we are always here for you! 


Jonathan How

I am a portrait photographer located in Milton (within the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario). Made by Ten gives me the opportunity to change lives and be creative at the same time!

As much as I love photography, I am even more excited about getting to know people deeply and making truly special connections with them.

One of the greatest joys in my life is helping women realize that they are beautiful, that their story is unique, and that they matter.

I can’t wait to meet you!

Self-portrait of Best Toronto Portrait Photographer

Jonathan How

Owner & Portrait Photographer
Made by Ten
Phone: (905) 606-0660




If you’re lost and unsure about something (or everything) we’re here to help you.


“You’ll never be ready for an experience like this. There are a few times in your life where you just have to go for it and this is one of those times!”

– Anne