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Build Your Business: Workshop for Entrepreneurs in Milton



Building a new business or updating an old one is an overwhelming undertaking. Not many people can understanding how alone and lost you feel everyday.

This is a call out to all the local business owners in Milton, Ontario who are looking to work together to accomplish goals, support each other, and help each other through business problems.

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Women’s Life and Self-esteem Coach in Milton, Ontario

Based in Milton, Ontario and serving the Greater Toronto Area (physically) and the world (digitally), a part of my work is women’s life and self-esteem coaching. This is an integral part of the portrait photoshoot session and is something not a lot of women get from other photographers. Talking to women about their lives and helping them organize their thoughts and feelings has always been an important aspect of every engagement; providing women with both an empathetic ear to listen with and a voice that will tell you the truth.

Women's Life and Self-esteem Coach GTA Toronto Milton

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A GTA Photographer Who Is There for Women When They’re Ready to Give Up

You probably see a lot of “GTA” around our website. In this very sentence I’m even mentioning that the GTA stands for the Greater Toronto Area. Goodness, isn’t it getting annoying? It’s everywhere; from the titles and headings to paragraphs. Sorry if you’re getting tired of it, but it’s the only way to really help women like you who want to find a different kind of photographer.


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