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Everything you need to know about boudoir photography from a portrait photographer

People tend to have different ideas about boudoir photography and even I did before I became a portrait photographer. Here is everything you need to know in a nutshell. You can also follow each section for a more detailed explanation if you want to learn more.

Everything About Boudoir Photography

What is boudoir photography?

Boudoir photography has typically been sexual in nature in that it has always meant to be arousing. Depending on the photographer and the client, it can vary in levels of sensuality, undress, and even eroticism.

Most women are surprised that boudoir doesn’t have to be incredibly sexy. It can be subtle and soft as well.

Coming Soon: Top 5 styles of boudoir portraits

Who is boudoir photography for? Is it for me?

Originally, boudoir portraits were made to be shared with significant others, but more modern forms have transformed it into body-positive, empowering portrait experiences. There is no limit on body shape, ethnicity, or age (within legal limits of course).

It might surprise you that boudoir is one of the first professional portraits women try. In one sense it seems scary to be sexually in front of someone, but the truth is that most women are looking for help with it in the first place.

Coming Soon: The kind of women who do boudoir photography and examples/success stories

When is the right time to do boudoir photography?

Like any portrait, it depends on your life situation. Some women still like to do it for their significant others, while others do it for themselves.

There is a tremendous amount of empowering that can take place, but it does require a level of comfort and trust in the photographer being hired. Some women want to document their bodies before a major life change like having a baby, while others do it after a change like an intense physical transformation.

Coming Soon: How to figure out when is the right time for you to do a boudoir photoshoot

Why do women do boudoir photography?

There are so many reasons for women to have a boudoir photoshoot, but here are some of our personal favourites. They want to:

  • Feel good about their bodies.
  • Give the images to someone as a present.
  • Feel empowered through self-confidence.
  • Transform the way they feel about themselves and the way they see their bodies.
  • Heal their past.
  • Create artistic images.
  • Stop doubting that they are naturally beautiful.

Coming Soon: The easy way to figure out your reason for doing a boudoir portrait

Where can I get a boudoir photoshoot done locally?

Since boudoir is a bit of a niche portrait, not all portrait photographers will offer it locally. The great news is if you cannot find one locally, there are typically many located in a larger cities. Some of them will even come to you depending on what you’re looking for.

The harder part is actually finding the right portrait photographer. Just because there might be one a few minutes away from you doesn’t mean they are the one you should choose.

Coming Soon: How to pick the right photographer close to you in your area

How does a boudoir photoshoot work?

The process is very straightforward, but it does depend on the photographer you choose. In general, you will either meet the photographer at her/his studio or she/he will come to you.

Before your photoshoot you will (hopefully) be helped in picking out the right outfits (i.e. lingerie, cover-ups, bodysuits, slips) or the photographer will have their own collection for you to choose from (less likely).

You will typically come to your photoshoot with a fresh face and dry, clean hair so you can be made up by a makeup/hair artist. Then you will go through your boudoir shoot with the guidance of your chosen photographer.

After your photoshoot you may receive a pre-purchased package that you selected before the photoshoot. If you have chosen a higher-end boudoir photographer who provides a full-service experience then you will likely have a viewing and ordering appointment immediately after your photoshoot or a few days later. During this meeting your boudoir images will be revealed to you so that you can select which you want turned into physical products like wall art, albums, and digital galleries.

This is our simple process for boudoir portraits.

How do I prepare for a boudoir photoshoot? What do I wear to mine? Do I have to be naked?

An experienced boudoir photographer should be able to help you pick out the right outfits for the look you want, but inexperienced ones won’t.

A legitimate fear that holds women back is thinking they have to be naked and that just isn’t the case. For some women wearing lingerie (especially in front of a stranger) can seem horrifying.

What we recommend is to just feel what you feel sexiest in. And while that could be your birthday suit, it could also be a camisole set or fully decked out in yoga/athleisure wear.

We make anyone look sexy in as little or as much as they are comfortable in. Just remember it is more about attitude and how you feel than what it actually looks like.

If this resonates with you you may be ready for your own boudoir portrait.

How much does boudoir photography cost?

Luckily, anyone can afford to hire a boudoir photographer. The range can be anywhere from free to thousands of dollars. Basically, no matter how much you have to invest in yourself, there’s a corresponding photographer for you.

However, one thing to keep in mind is the pricing structure and the value you get. Click the link below if you’d like to learn more.

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We curated the top 3 things that hold women back from killing it during their boudoir sessions. This was learned through years of experience and we’re happy to share those secrets with you so you can succeed in your own session.

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