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Mia Parese / LaSalle College Graduation Fashion Show / Gallerie 345 / Toronto

I was asked to be one of 3 photographers at the LaSalle College Graduation Fashion Show this year by the designer behind the Mia Parese name, Mayle Morales Almeida. There were quite a few fashion design graduates and their works were quite diverse. I’ll be sharing photos from those designers in future posts.Made-by-Ten-Mia-Parese-Runway-LaSalle-College-Galleria-345-Toronto-24


Find the Best Engagement and Best Wedding Photographer in the GTA

In the case of engagement and wedding photography, “best” is most definitely a subjective term. What is best for you is not best for everyone else. This post will explain some things to consider in your search for the best engagement and best wedding photographer in the GTA and it will also give you some search tips.

The GTA is one of the biggest markets so you’ve got a huge amount of photographers to select from. Unfortunately, that also makes it difficult to pinpoint the one you’ll eventually choose!

Made by Ten - Toronto Skyline

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