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Build Your Business: Workshop for Entrepreneurs in Milton



Building a new business or updating an old one is an overwhelming undertaking. Not many people can understanding how alone and lost you feel everyday.

This is a call out to all the local business owners in Milton, Ontario who are looking to work together to accomplish goals, support each other, and help each other through business problems.

I personally find that I can help others with their businesses – solving problems and coming up with amazing ideas. However, being so engulfed in my own business means I sometimes cannot see the forest for the trees.

The goal is to have monthly meetings once enough of us are signed up and ready to meet. We can meet in a local Milton coffee shop or restaurant and have a round-table discussion.

If you’re a local Milton business please fill out the form below. You can be a brick and mortar type business or even someone trying to start their own brand from home.








Made by Ten Jonathan How GTA PhotographerJonathan How is the portrait photographer behind Made by Ten and specializes in creating beautiful, creative portraits of real women. He uses portrait photography (and this blog) to help them build confidence and love for themselves and creates artistic images for their homes and offices. He is based out of Milton and works in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) in Ontario, Canada.