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How to Make the Most Money From Selling Your Vintage Clothing

Here’s the number one thing that will help you make the most money from selling your vintage clothing; from dresses to neck scarves!

Sell Vintage Clothing GTA Toronto



If I described a beautiful 60’s vintage dress I might be able to do it justice, but we all know that seeing is believing. Photographs are the most important aspect when you’re selling clothing (including vintage) online. It would be even better if potential buyers could see it in person, but technology hasn’t advanced that much yet and unless you’re just selling locally you’ll need to be online.

Clear photos aren’t even the most important aspect. Amazing photos that your audience can relate to are. Something that will inspire them and make them dream about how they’ll look and feel with it on them.



If you’re in the Greater Toronto Area then I’m inviting you to send me a snapshot of your vintage piece and if I feel like I can use it in a themed photoshoot I’ll let you use the photos to help you sell them…free of charge.

Basically, if I can use it then you’re renting it out to me as a trade for some beautiful photos.



This is why you need to take advantage of this free photography opportunity:

  • Get beautiful images that will make it easier to sell to your vintage-loving audience
  • Make the most money possible when you sell your vintage clothing
  • Have visual keepsakes before you send off your pieces forever
  • There’s only upside to this…it doesn’t cost you a cent

If your pieces are chosen then we ask that you bring them in person for the photoshoot. Most will be located in Milton but sometimes we’ll shoot in Toronto or other locations in the GTA.

I highly recommend being present at the photoshoot for your own peace of mind, but rest assured that your vintage clothing will be handled with the utmost care!


So what are you waiting for? Let’s get emailing back and forth. Just send us a message so we can help you make the most money from your vintage clothing!



Made by Ten Jonathan How GTA PhotographerJonathan How is the photographer behind Made by Ten and calls Milton his home. He specializes in creating beautiful, creative portraits of real women. He uses photography (and this blog) to help them build confidence and love for themselves and creates artistic images for their homes and offices. You can see him driving around the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) in Ontario, Canada from portrait to fashion shoot and back again.