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Client Success Stories and Testimonials




We are honoured to have photographed and helped so many women and we hope that sharing some of their stories will help inspire you to take the first steps on your own unique journey with us.

Inspiring Story Photoshoot of Woman Lying on Magazines with Giant Diamond



Miss A’s Story

Miss A wanted to create something special for her and her husband to enjoy. It wasn’t what you’re probably thinking though. She didn’t want to do a boudoir photoshoot; she had already done that before with another photographer. While that experience was okay, she wanted something different this time around. In our conversations she eventually realized what she really wanted though. Her husband could certainly enjoy the artwork with her, but at the end of the day she was doing this for herself. She wanted this experience to be for her.

Once we finalized the photoshoot theme ideas we planned out the perfect experience for her. We figured out what outfits would fit the look of the photoshoot and how we were going to style her hair and makeup. She left it up to us to find the right props and location to complete the theme.

On the day of the photoshoot she was a little scared (don’t worry, everyone is) so we talked through the photoshoot process together again. We explained that it would take time to get to the point where she would be comfortable in front of the camera and then at some point ‘it’ would happen. This was the point where she would actually enjoy being in front of the camera! And of course we were right. 

The moment she found her confidence she truly enjoyed the experience. It was (and always is) such a wonderful thing to witness in each one of our clients. Upon arrival she was anxious and self-conscious, but all at once she was ‘working it’ for the camera. She knew exactly who she was and in that moment was truly proud of it. There’s simply no other way of making someone feel good about themselves unless it’s done honestly.

After the photoshoot we delivered the artwork to her and it astounded her. While she felt amazing during her photoshoot it slipped her mind that we were actually taking her photograph. She was just having the time of her life.

The work was creative and artistic. One of our favourite pieces became hers as well. It was a scene we had put her in without her truly being able to envision the outcome. But in our minds we knew it would be fantastic.

To our surprise we received a message from her husband thanking us. He thanked us for showing her how he saw her every single day. Even though he said it, she just couldn’t see it. We won’t be ashamed of saying we got extremely teary eyed.

Sometimes it takes someone on the outside to prove to you just how amazing you really are.



Miss B’s Story

Miss B was looking for a photographer that could make some very creative ideas a reality for her. She was planning on creating a series of images, each with their own theme, to give to her boyfriend as a present.

Was it sexy? Yes.

But this wasn’t going to be a typical boudoir shoot. Far from it actually. This was in our field of modern boudoir.

Each theme was unique and planned out accordingly; each with its own hair, makeup, outfit, and location. Although, logistically difficult, we knew we could pull it off for her and we did.

She absolutely loved the artwork we created for her. Even though she played a big part in planning out her photoshoot she was surprised with our ability to take her vision further than she ever imagined.

When she finally surprised her boyfriend with the images he was just as happy. In fact, he was so blown away that he requested the same thing for the very next year. Maybe that isn’t so surprising though!



Miss C’s Story

Miss C came to us after scouring the internet. She wasn’t able to find any examples of the themes she had in mind or a photographer she thought could pull it off. That is, of course, until she found us. She figured we’d be the only ones who could pull it off and she was right.

Her ideas were unique and incredibly personal. Given the complexity of her ideas we had to separate them into different photoshoots.

Her goal was to let out her creativity and inspire her daughters with the artwork we’d create. She wanted to show that she was strong, but that she also struggled with her identity as a mother and a wife. There was the person she had to be for her girls and there was the person she was before having them. Both were still her though.

As with every photoshoot, we planned out wardrobe, hair, and makeup styling. While we prefer being outdoors in nature this particular idea required being indoors for consistency. We would be stitching multiple shots together and we needed everything frozen in place.  

Unlike most of the women who grace us with their presence, Miss C didn’t require much help with confidence. She knew who she was and was completely proud of it. What she did need help with was posing. She trusted us to make her look good and, most importantly, to create the ideas she had stuck in her head.

In the end we helped her create artwork that her daughters find empowering. They can see that their mom, the person they take after in looks and personality, is incredibly confident with who she is as a person both inside and out.

Whenever they have doubts (and mom isn’t around to tell them otherwise) they can look to these art pieces and know that they are just as strong, just as capable, and just as worthy.

She sent us a hand-written letter thanking us and it made us feel incredible about what we had accomplished with her. It’s moments like these that make us work so hard for our clients.







Made by Ten’s reputation is built by the ongoing support of our clients. Their love makes it possible for us to continue changing the lives of even more women! We’d like to thank all our clients for their amazing reviews; their trust and love in our results is heartwarming. We’ll continue to work our hardest to live up to our reputation. Here are a few of their reviews:

Client Testimonial Best Photographer GTA

“Made by Ten (Jonathan) is a very creative, patient, kind and talented photographer. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for artistic and unique photos that capture real emotion and beauty. Jonathan makes you feel so comfortable in your skin – you forget you’re even having a photo shoot. And, while he makes you feel beautiful and confident during the session, the real joy comes when you see the end product. Wow!!! You won’t be disappointed.”

– Tarita


“Most amazing photographer. I told Jonathan what I liked, and how creative I wanted it to be, and he made it amazing. He’s incredibly talented. Very kind, body positive, and an all around great person. If you want something very professional that will set you apart from others, he’s the man to do it for you. I would highly recommend.”

– Randi


Best GTA Portrait Photographer

“Jonathan is the photographer I’ve been searching for. He is warm, open-minded, creative, and very skilled at capturing beautiful images. I was very comfortable sharing my ideals with him and my photo session was a fun experience that remains a fond memory. From the preliminary planning stage to the editing of final proofs, he was always patient and a great communicator. He worked efficiently after the shoot such that I received my prints much faster than expected and I am very pleased with the final results. Highly recommended for anyone who seeks a fantastic photographer who is talented, professional, and artistic.”

– Ms. K


Best Modern Boudoir Review GTA Toronto

“Made by Ten is truly an expert in bringing out the best in his clients or models. His sessions are led so that even the most camera shy person will feel at ease, comfortable, and even confident in front of the camera. As a beginner model, he took the extra time to give me feedback, guidance, and encouragement, knowing that I had zero previous experience. I could not have chosen a better, more patient photographer to ease myself into modelling. He specializes in ‘self-love photography’, and didn’t try to modify or mask certain physical traits but instead shoots and showcases them in their best light. I would recommend his services to anyone for not only the end product (beautiful photos) but the positive experience of modelling and feeling beautiful in a fun, judgement-free, safe space – an experience that absolutely boosted my self-esteem in front of the camera!”

– Michelle


Best Boudoir Review GTA Toronto

“Jon was amazing to work with & I would highly recommend him to anyone. He has a gentle nature that made me feel really comfortable & at ease. I knew the poses I wanted and he took his time to get the shots right. But he also made suggestions that I ended up liking even better. Jon is punctual, professional, easy to work with, gives great direction, has a creative eye, and his editing skills are excellent. I would love to work with him again.”

– Jordan


“Helped jump-start my modelling with some amazing images – I also learned a lot from shooting with him and am grateful that he took the time to help me.”

– Jennifer


“Wonderful and very professional. Great experience over all. I did an outdoor freezing cold winter shoot and Jonathan was very patient and accommodating!”

– Cris


“Working with Jonathan was one of the best photoshoot experiences I’ve had! He’s punctual, great at communicating and organizing and so easy to work with. His creative eye is so unique – he visualizes amazing shots and knows how to make them come to life. I was a new model when I worked with him and he was super patient and teaching me expressions and how to pose. I’ve been dying to work with him again! Hopefully soon.”

– Semira


It isn’t just our reputation at stake. The reputation of these wonderful women who have endorsed us is at stake every time they refer us and make us the best reviewed portrait photographer. That’s why we always work hard to deliver the most unforgettable experiences!

If you’d like to see more reviews or to add a review of your own please do so on our Google Business Page.



What will your confidence building experience be like?