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The Process: Your Confidence Building Photoshoot Experience

Confidence Building Portrait Photoshoot Experience in the Greater Toronto Area for Women


This is what you can expect from our full-service, confidence building photoshoot experience:



We get to know each other before you put down a retainer or a single photograph is ever taken. This is an incredibly important step and something that can’t be skipped because it helps us get to know each other. You’ll be able to decide if we are right for you and you are right for us. Of course, there is no cost for this service.

Our consultation will include discussions about:

  • photoshoot goals and purpose
  • custom theme ideas
  • wardrobe styling
  • theme props
  • makeup and hair artist styling
  • location selection

If it looks like we’re a good fit then we discuss pricing and begin planning out your photoshoot and select a date. In addition, we’ll also figure out some art options for your home. That could mean classic framed art pieces, modern acrylic art pieces, and/or luxurious albums that complement your home. An in-home consultation is the best way for us to help you because it allows us to see the proportions, space, and styling of your home, but phone consultations are also available if that works better for you. 

If we just don’t seem like the right fit for you at this time in your life we will leave you with a smile and a sincere hope that you continue looking for the right portrait photographer who can guide you to self-confidence.




Ready to find and grow your confidence? We aren’t geniuses or magicians, but we do know how to make it a reality.

It starts with a discussion during your artistic hair and makeup application. We told you there was a lot of communication!

We know how scary it is to step in front of a camera which is why we’ll have worked hard up to this point to create a comfortable relationship. We also start with something we call “test shots” where we casually work together for first 15 minutes or so.

As with all photoshoots (even with models) there is a point where everything just clicks; and trust us, it will. Our experience through countless photoshoots with women of all different backgrounds, sizes, shapes, lifestyles, and experiences is proof of this. It takes time, understanding, trust, and empathy to get there, but we have the expertise to get your there; by carefully guiding you and talking through the issues that are blocking your ability to find your confidence. That includes talking through body issues, anxiety, and negative social influences.

Once we get to this point we can begin to create the wall-worthy artwork you also hired us for. You’ll become completely immersed in the experience, enjoying the connection you have with the camera. And most importantly, you’ll feel the confidence that was once hidden inside you.




After your photoshoot we’ll prepare your portraits (approximately one hour) while you relax and take in the euphoria of your experience.

You’ll be presented with a carefully curated selection of photographs that help tell the story of your photoshoot theme. Although they will have been edited and ready for production further refinement is always necessary for larger art pieces.

During your photoshoot you felt the confidence and now you’ll be able to see it for yourself. Your selection will be further refined and turned into works of art.




After your ordering appointment we begin transforming those digital images into real works of art. Depending on the size of the order and the amount of work required, the process could take a few weeks or so to complete. They will be sent to our various production partners and checked by us.

Once we are satisfied with the quality of your art work we hand it off lovingly into your arms. If required, we will carefully install your classic frames and/or modern acrylics in your home.




Clients also like to repeat the process and try out different themes for confidence refreshers throughout the year.

This is the exact reason why we’ve separated the photoshoot experience and the ordering appointment. Sometimes our clients simply want to feel confident with our guidance in front of the camera. They don’t necessarily have any more space on their walls for artwork so they decide on an album or digital copies as a memento.

Whether you choose to repeat the process with us is entirely up to you, but keep in mind that there is only one person in the world that you’ll definitely spend the rest of your life with. Yes, that person is you. So take care and love yourself for who you are because life is much too precious to be feeling negative about yourself.




Ready for your very own confidence building experience?