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Creative Engagements and Documentary Style Wedding Photography

Creative Wedding Portrait of Bride


At Made by Ten our focus is on confidence building photoshoots for women, but having worked with other wedding photographers we know there is a need for our services.

Couples need a photographer with a mix of empathy, professionalism, and responsible creativity that is missing from most mainstream wedding photographers.



We believe that a wedding day should be focused on living in the moment and cherishing time spent with family and friends who have come for the celebration. Our role is to be in those moments with you and to document them. Artistic shots happen if they happen, but we are not going to force them. We don’t believe in racing from location to location trying to cram in as much photography as possible.

That’s why we include an engagement photoshoot in our comprehensive service. This is where the creativity happens! This is where we are able to take our time and make both of you comfortable in front of the camera. That way you are relaxed and look natural in your wedding photos.



There is something incredibly embarrassing we need to share with you. We are still waiting to receive all our wedding photos and products. Long story short, we picked a good photographer, but alas we missed one important aspect. Professionalism. But that’s also where empathy comes into play. We know how horrible it is to have something special kept from you.

We have felt the pain firsthand and understand the responsibility that comes with a once-in-a-lifetime celebration. This is a day you can never repeat, but will want to relive. That’s why we have backup photography equipment, backup memory cards, have a photographer & assistant team, are easy to get in contact with, are honest, and have a unique viewpoint on the purpose of engagement and wedding photography.

We’ll be the first to admit that we hate how stressful a wedding day is for us. We don’t particularly like all that responsibility on our shoulders, but the alternative is to let another photographer ruin something special and that doesn’t sit well with us either.



We know our values only make us the best fit for a few couples, but for those few we are perfect. So if you are a couple who want creative photos, but still want to relax and enjoy your wedding day then we’re the wedding photographer you’ve been looking for.

Our full-service engagement and wedding photography in the Greater Toronto Area starts at $7800 and includes $3500 towards heirloom albums and gallery art for your home. During our meeting we guide you through all the products and services included and available to you in our comprehensive collection.