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How much does boudoir photography cost in my local area?

Luckily, anyone can afford a boudoir photographer. The range can be anywhere from free to thousands of dollars. While it may be difficult to find a boudoir photographer that falls within your budget in your local area, you can definitely find someone in a bigger urban area close by. Here is a breakdown of the type of service you can expect at various budgets.


Boudoir Cost GTA



DECENT: Low Budget Boudoir Photographer

Set Price | Free-$500

Yes, there are free photographers out there! You’ll find a lot on Kijiji, Craiglist, etc. The only problem is that sometimes (especially for boudoir photography) they can be creeps. If you are dead set on having a boudoir photoshoot, but feel like you have a very limited budget then I would recommend the following:

  1. Find a female boudoir photographer who is just starting out.
  2. Ask for references.
  3. Bring someone with you and let others know where you are going.
  4. Set clear boundaries about what you are comfortable with.

If you still feel like you cannot trust a photographer then just don’t do it. Your safety and well being are the most important thing!

In this range, you can also find photographers just starting out. Typically you will get digital images sent to you after your photoshoot and then never speak with or see that photographer again. You shouldn’t expect quality images because they are still learning their craft at this point. You will likely need to do your own research on how to pose, the types of outfits to wear, the best locations to be photographed, etc.


GOOD: Medium Budget Boudoir Photographer

Set Price | $500-$3000+

These boudoir photographers will require a pre-purchased package before your photoshoot. This could include wall art, albums, digital images, and print credits.

This set price situation helps photographers ensure they have a minimum amount purchased before accepting a new client. Unfortunately, it leaves clients with the risk of not being satisfied with the end product and being stuck with a lackluster experience.

If you do go with a boudoir photographer that operates this way please make sure you can completely trust that you will get what you expect.


BETTER: High Budget Boudoir Photographer

Set Price | $3000+

Like the previous level, this kind of boudoir photography will have set prices to choose from, but at a higher quality and price point.

Some distinguishing factors of a high budget boudoir photographer are countless years of experience, high-end imported products like Italian-bound leather albums, celebrity-clientele, custom-made lingerie, etc.


BEST: Variable Budget Boudoir Photographer

Flexible Price | $100-Your Choice

This is what we do, and feel it is the fairest way of doing business. This method is perfect for women who want an experience that will work with even an uncertain budget. It protects them from spending very much at all, while still giving them the option to spend as much as they want if they fall in love with their portraits. 

Many full-service photographers will have a sitting fee that covers their time and creative effort in preparing for and providing you with your boudoir portrait photoshoot. Most of the time this is a relatively low amount (a few hundred dollars) and depends on the amount of customer service they provide and additional support required.

For example, our sitting fee is $390 and includes our full-time personalized guidance and a makeup/hair artist during the photoshoot. Some can be as low as $99 and will include no preparation or additional supporting artist.

After the photoshoot you have the option of selecting the types of products you’d like. A lot of times this is referred to as the ‘ordering appointment’ or ‘reveal session’. This means there is no risk for you; if you don’t like anything then you don’t need to buy anything.

Many photographers will have individual (a la carte) options for you and also packages/collections that include popular items and added additional value in the form of extras or discounts.


We hope this answers the questions you have about the cost of boudoir in your local area. If you have any additional questions feel free to ask us anything.

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