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The Journey Club

Join a community of women who also want to change their lives!



When you join The Journey Club you’ll become part of a community that wants the same thing. Feeling safe, cared for, and understood are simple human desires that we all deserve.

This is a great opportunity for women who have just started thinking about having their portrait taken or still aren’t sure if it’s right for them. As a new member you’ll start by receiving your Welcome Package, which includes information on:

  • How to pose naturally
  • Figuring out which portrait style/genre fits you best
  • How much you can expect to invest on your portraits
  • Access to our exclusive Facebook Group






  1. You are our #1 priority!
    Being part of the club means we want to get to know you through real conversations, not a one-way newsletter. We have chats via email, phone, and our Facebook Group so you can ask questions and get help overcoming hurdles.
  2. We walk together!
    Learn how to pull off the best natural poses in front of a camera, secret confidence building tips, new self-expression methods, and more, but also share some of your learnings with us as well so we can continue to become our best selves.
  3. We grow together!
    Sometimes the journey can be lonely so it’s nice to know there are others just like you. We share stories of why other women are on their journeys and how they’ve discovered and expressed themselves so you can be inspired on your own journey.
  4. We take you out!
    You’ll get exclusive access to fun events with other women just like you so you can be part of a community of women who can support each other in your challenges and successes. For example, when special outfits and locations become available we’ll put together a fun photoshoot for everyone to enjoy!
  5. We will surprise you!
    It’s a surprise…obviously! ;)


The sooner you join The Journey Club the sooner you’ll get to be with other incredible women who are on the same path of self-discovery as you! Unfortunately, as much as we’d like everyone to join, we aren’t sure what capacity we’ll have to ensure that everyone is taken care of. Therefore, space is limited so join ASAP!

You’ll also automatically be entered into our referral program



Did you say photoshoot girls night? Don’t forget to tell your friends to join too!