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About Made by Ten

Jonathan How photographer


Hi, my name is Jonathan How (and that’s my wife next to me)!




The first thing you’ll notice about us and our website is that we’re different.

“Different” is part of everything we do because we believe there’s no point in doing anything unless it’s unique and purposeful.

We’re different because we focus all our energy on helping women, just like you, feel amazing about who they are both inside and out. If you’ve ever struggled with this in your life then you can see why it’s so necessary to have self-love in the world right now.

Our goal is to give our clients the best experience possible and that starts with relationship building. That means being honest, listening, and having a conversation before stepping foot in front of a camera. We figure out how to serve clients in a way that is unique to them. Is that important to you too?



Let’s start with who we are. To say that we specialize in women’s portrait photography might be simplifying things. Photography is merely the medium with which we change women’s lives. Each one of them inspires us to create something magical.

We are here to help women find and build their confidence. Through custom photoshoot experiences our clients immerse themselves in the creative process and become a part of beautiful artwork that builds them up during good times and lifts them up during bad times.

Our belief that all women are beautiful, but just need help seeing it, allows us to be honest during photoshoots. We are able to help women understand that they are worth so much more than they give themselves credit for. This is probably the single most important belief that sets us apart. Because of it, we are able to go beyond the “seeing is believing” mentality. The way we can make women feel during a photoshoot allows them to carry that confidence into their everyday lives.



There is a story behind our name, but what we really want to tell you is what our goals and values are to:

  1. Help you see yourself as naturally beautiful, but more importantly feel, understand, and appreciate it.
  2. Push the limits of our creativity in the value we provide, our photography, and the timeless artwork we produce.
  3. Offer affordable confidence-building photoshoot experiences so that young women can learn to love themselves too.
  4. Create the most innovative and unique art products and services by partnering with amazing artists, manufacturers, designers, and boutiques.
  5. Be as selective of our clients as they are with us so that we can focus our energy on creating meaningful and lasting relationships with women who appreciate what we do for them.
  6. Create images that are as natural looking as possible so that you have undeniable proof of your beauty.
  7. To always be honest with you.
  8. Work towards creating the ultimate physical and emotional space so you can come in and enjoy the most memorable photoshoot experience of your life.
  9. Always have fun, be equally vulnerable, and to not take ourselves too seriously. As serious as we are about delivering something special, life is far too precious to stop smiling and laughing.



We hope our artwork and the real women who star in them help inspire you to love who you are; for all the things that make you different. Please reach out to us at any time and we’ll always be here to give you our very best.

If you’re still not sure then just join our exclusive Journey Club. It’s FREE to join!