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The Truth about Engagement and Wedding Photography with COVID-19 Limitations: How You Can Actually Have the Engagement and Wedding of Your Dreams

Dream Engagement/Wedding Portrait during COVID

The Truth About Engagement and Wedding Photography with COVID-19 Limitations

So here’s the truth, from the mouth of a portrait photographer that does engagement and wedding photography within the Greater Toronto Area…

Most of my colleagues are scared that they’ve lost a lot of potential business because of the limits of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Couples, such as yourself, are equally afraid that their plans have either run down the drain or that their future plans will never come to fruition.

If you’re anything like us, you actually see this as a great opportunity to have the engagement and wedding of your dreams and here’s how…

Forgo a Wedding Altogether and save Money and Stress with an Engagement/Wedding Portrait Photoshoot

Some people either don’t have many people to invite to a wedding or don’t see their wedding as such a big deal.

You now have the ultimate excuse to not have a wedding and deal with the associated stress and costs.

Hopefully, you still love each other and still want to celebrate it in your own way. Queue an engagement and/or wedding portrait photoshoot.

If you had already purchased your wedding dress before all this craziness or you still have that white dress dream then you can do a wedding photoshoot. It’s like an engagement photoshoot with just the two of you, but in formal attire.

You can also do an engagement photoshoot like most couples do before their wedding day.

Our suggestion would actually do a wardrobe change during a single photoshoot to get the both worlds; a more casual engagement photoshoot and a more dreamy wedding photoshoot.

But what if you still want that fantasy wedding. How can COVID help you?

A Limited Number of Guests Means Only the Most Important Are Invited

Almost every couple have struggled with a balanced budget. With a limited number of guests you can now spend more of your time and money focused on creating the wedding of your dreams.

You’ll have more time to plan and more money to spend. You may need to pick a smaller venue and add that extra budget money elsewhere.

This isn’t actually the most crucial part though.

Remember all those people you thought you’d have to invite to be polite? Well…COVID just gave you a get out of jail free card and you cash it in!

Feel free to invite only your closest family and friends without feeling bad.


Whether you’re forgoing your wedding altogether or are having to severely limit your invite list, we are ready to tell the story of two people in love.

Get in contact with us so we can start talking about your story!



Self-Portrait of Photographer Jonathan How from Made by Ten


Hey hey! I’m, Jonathan, the lead portrait photographer at Made by Ten. We specialize in creating beautiful, creative portraits of real women to help them build confidence and love for themselves throughout their entire lives. If you’d love to create art that tells your story and beautifies your home then we’d love to chat. We are based out of Milton and primarily work in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) in Ontario, Canada.

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