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Category: Behind the Camera

Profile of a GTA Portrait Photographer

Being the person behind the lens of Made by Ten has been an adventure. My past has shaped me into a GTA portrait photographer with the empathy and understanding to help women realize how amazing they naturally are. If you want to learn a little about my past please keep on reading.

Jonathan How Portrait Photographer Milton Toronto Ontario Canada

Be sure to read about who I am and the purpose of Made by Ten in our “About” page first!

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Why I’ll Never Stop Explaining How Great a Photographer I Am

As an entrepreneur/business owner I’ve learned that no one can fully appreciate my abilities and that’s why I’ll never stop explaining how great a photographer I am. And with that being said, the photo below has some glaring mistakes in it. But pointing it out is one way I show just how great a photographer I am. Not because I am perfect, but that I am able to accept that I make mistakes.

Great Photographer Appreciation GTA Toronto

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Portrait Photography for Real Women in the GTA

It’s hard to find high quality portrait photography that actually caters to real women who want artistry and creativity in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Finding a balance between who can create an image that will wow you versus an image that looks no better than yesterday’s phone selfie can be a challenge. So who can you trust to create these epic photos of you?

Real Women Artistic Portrait Photography GTA Toronto

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Pentax DSLR Lessons in the Greater Toronto Area

Pentax DSLR users are a special and small bunch so I’ve decided to offer lessons specifically to “Pentaxians” in the Greater Toronto Area. I figure with over 8 years using the Pentax system, I should be able to help a soul or two. So if you’re looking for a guide on how to use your Pentax DSLR then these in-person Pentax lessons are perfect!

Pentax DSLR Lessons GTA Toronto Landscape

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